I was once asked why I do mosaics...

And after giving it some thought, my answer was: Mosaics is who I am.

When I mosaic, I am not anyone's friend, mother, partner, lover, daughter or employee... I am just myself. I am floating a million miles away, completely relaxed and calm... and  at the same time also totally focused, aware and anchored in the here and now. Some people meditate or pray, I mosaic.

Mosaics make something whole and harmoneous out of many little pieces, they create something valuable and strong out of things that are broken or chipped. I will use virtually anything in my mosaics. No pebble pit, junk yard or dumpster is safe... And on the other side of the scale there is gold and silver, precious stones, antique porcelain, fabulous art glass. I am fascinated by colours and textures and love putting unexpected elements side by side - think velvet ball gown with biker boots - that's what I do with mosaics.

And in a similar fashion I also combine mosaicing with my other passions in life - my Goddess series speaks of my life-long interest in feminism. The political climate can influence my work. A rekindled interest in the art of reading the Tarot has recently sparked a more esoteric influence in my work. A mosaic for me is not just a collection of shards glued to a substrate, it is always also a collection of ideas and influences, combined in new and quirky ways.





2009 - 2017


2011                  .




















Art School of Basel

First Mosaic Experiments

Build Mosaic Chair

Build and Mosaic Pizza Oven

Start out selling mosaics on Dawanda

Open Shop on Etsy

Won First place in the PieceMakers Mosaic challenge - twice! Scarlet Bird of Paradise and Tree of Life (March and July )

Invited to become co-leader of the PieceMakers

Won First place in the PieceMakers Mosaic challenge with Mountain Goddess (June)

Exhibition Allschwiler Kunstverein, August 10 to September 2

Featured in the Huffington Post, September 22

Participated in a group mosaic for homeless women in Maine: Florence House Mosaic

First place in the PeaceMakers' Birds and Marbles challenges

Selected pieces exhibited at ZweitesDesign, a shop dedicated to re- and upcycling in Basel

First place in PieceMakers juried challenge and winner of people's choice Water Goddess

First place Peoples' Choice in a mosaic portrait challenge.

Juried challenge winner "Force of Nature" with the Lightning Goddess

Water Goddess on show in the shop of the Museum of Antiquities in Basel 

Finished bathroom mosaic 

First place in PieceMakers juried challenge and winner of people's choice "Butterfly Challenge" with the Moth Goddess

5 day Workshop with Carole Oueijan in Rotterdam, where I made Ron's Eyes

Exhibition Allschwilwer Kunstverein, August 25 to Spetember 17

Beetles mosaics on show in the shop of the Museum of Antiquities in Basel

Tought a mosaic course April 21st and 22nd in Allschwil

Mosaic Exhibition in  Muttenz, Im Tenn 20, in collaboration with Probigua. 17 to 27 May

Prints added to Etsy shop