The Chariot is the 7th card in the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. His opulent armour is out of mirror and is decorated with a glittering glass jewel. The gold moons on his shoulder pads are made from the handle of a vintage teacup, while I replaced the laughing and crying masks on his shoulders with a silver Buddha and a silver skull - I really like how they represent different perspectives on life and death. His crown includes smalti from Venice with real gold foil, and the star studded curtains round his chariot are made with iridescent glass - as is fitting for such a sumptuous vehicle. His wand is a knitting needle cut to size and topped with another glass jewel. The golden wheels of the chariot are out of gold mirror. I was actually a bit nervous about making the white and black sphinxes with mosaic, but I love how they turned out, specially their head dresses! Their tails are more vintage teacup handles.

The details of the faces and hands/paws are all painted on with enamel paint and protected with a layer of lacquer. The city in the background is cut out and put together from several different picture plates.

The mosaic measures 13 by 26 cm, it is created on an MDF backing, grouted in off white and features painted grout lines.