These are some of the commissions I have been asked to do. A commission piece will typically take several months to complete and I only agree to work on commission if I can identify with the idea/concept/colour scheme proposed by my customer. I cannot create something I don't personally like and I always need to retain enough freedom to keep my work a creative process. That said, I have been privileged to work together with some wonderful people and have had the opportunity to create items and work with materials I would otherwise never have experienced.

A custom mosaic can incorporate personal elements provided by the customer, such as the remains of a favourite piece of porcelain, keepsakes, broken jewelry.  I can also add personal touches, like favourite animals or flowers, references to hobbies or sports, someone's initials, etc. I send regular updates of the work in progress, and photograph and discuss all materials before beginning, so that you can give your input. "Lots of ladybirds please, but no roses" for instance, or to make sure that a dog person won't end up with cats (and vice versa).

If you would like to discuss your own personal commission piece , please contact me here!

For this lovely commission I was given a free hand to reproduce the RWS Queen of Swords card as a 13 x 26 cm glass mosaic. The finished piece and lots of detail photoscan be viewed here.

I developed this Om design together with my customer, a wonderful process which got me working with a different colour palette and different base shape. It is designed so that you only notice the Om sign at second glance, a bit like those colour tests that are used by opticians. If you would like to see more pictures of the Om sign, please click here.

This tinybox was commissioned to be added to a collection of small boxes - it measures only 14 cm (4.4 inches) from the top of the knob to the bottom of the feet. It has no hearts or flowers, and it has quite a lot of turquoise and orange (favourite colours). It has the initials of the recipient engraved on one of the tiles. For more pictures, click here.

This box was a birthday present for an 11-year-old girl who loves mermaids. I wanted to create a mermaid that she will hopefully still like when she's a teenager and a grown up. It was a tight deadline - I managed to finish the box in just three days. 

The box is 16 cm wide, and is mosaiced with glass, beads, nuggets, TG and one jewel. Its is grouted in three colours. I used some of the most beautiful iridescent glass on the tail. For more pictures, please click here.

This small mosaic box was requested with a sea shell theme, accentuating the purply-pink of the shells, which my customer had collected on holiday... I combined them with beads, china, tiles, glass, jewels and nuggets, it is grouted in soft lilac, and painted lilacinside and on bottom. The box is lined with velvet, and has silver coloured feet and knob on top. 12 cm wide, 13 cm tall. For more pictures, click here.

This is a very large and very romantic white box which now houses my customer's wedding albums and keepsakes. I included two small Labradors on the top, as she has one as a pet. The lid of a box this size would be far too heavy to be held by hinges, so I attached two brass knobs at the sides to lift the lid off. See more pictures of this box here.


This mosaic jewelry box was designed to match my cusomers' bedroom decor - maroon, dark red, gold, and leopard spots. The inside of the lid has a glass window showing a backdrop of painted leopard spots and the box is lined in red velvet. More pictures can be found here.


This mosaic box has a lot of semi precious stones incorporated in the design, which came out of my customers' collection. The inside of the box is lined with dark red velvet throughout. It was made to house the ashes of her beloved pet cat. Follow this link for more pictures.