This mosaic is the Fool, the first card in the RWS Tarot deck, designed by Pamela Coleman Smith.  This card is about taking the first step into the unknown... The fool is enthusiastic, full of energy, careless and carefree, trusting, innocent and adventurous. He is setting off on a journey, carrying all his worldly belongings over his shoulder in a rather fetching little red bag, and  holding a white rose in his hand. He is dressed in an amazingly sumptuous embroidered tunic, yellow leggings and gold boots. His hat features a jaunty red feather and he is accompanied by a faithful companion. Is he well equipped? What awaits him? Will he find his fortune? Happiness? Wisdom? Or will he fall off the cliff? Who knows? Who cares? He doesn't! Eyes to the heavens, sunshine in his heart, he is joyously ready for anything and everything, and the whole wide world lies right at his feet!

Personally I think all would be lost without the dog - who is modeled on my own little guard dog Abby.

The mosaic is created with mosaic glass, stones, pottery, rocks, mirror, a vintage earring (the rose), Van Gogh glass, beads, a geode, a fossil (because this mountain top was once under the sea), glass jewels, sweet water pearls, leaf beads, corral (for the feather), iridescent glass and one chop stick (his staff). 

The sky is filled with iridescent suns, symbolising the endless possibilities of this sparkling new morning. The bag features a glass makers stamp - as a stamp on the thick soft leather I imagine it to made of.

It is grouted in off white with lots and lots of painted grout lines. The face is painted with enamel paint. It measures 30 x 53 cm on a Jackoboard base.