Behold! The Goddess of Chaos!

This mosaic is now also available as PRINT here.

The Goddess of Chaos is the Goddess of ooops, that broke... Goddess of wtf, I just cleared up in here... Goddess of nooooo, don’t press that button! ...Goddess of who would have guessed? ... Goddess of but I put it down here just a minute ago... Goddess of what could possibly go wrong?

She is the Goddess of change, entropy, decay, coincidence and serendipity. She is the Goddess of weeds growing through the pavement.

She is destructive, creative, lethal, miraculous... and oh so powerful. She is not good or evil, she just is. And... she has got her eye on you.

I borrowed the face of the Goddess of Chaos from a self portrait by Marie-Gabrielle Capet. Her experssion is just right: haughty, curious, detached, innocent. It’s not her fault that things keep on falling apart. But she *is* mildly amused.

59 x 59 cm, created during 2020 Corona lockdown exclusively with materials I had to hand - vitreous glass, kitchen counter tiles, pebbles, a watch face, chess figures (a queen and two pawns), mirror, semi precious stones (tiger eye, hematite, rose quartz, amethyst, and some red and leopard coloured ones I don’t know the names of), broken plates, barnacles, flint, an antique sulfide marble (which *was* already broken), various other antique and modern marbles, crushed glass, beads, marble tiles, mosaic glass, several fossils, a button, a marble egg, two acrylic flowers, volcanic stones from Iceland, a medieval roof tile, half a tea mug bottom, signature tile, textured glass, sea shells, red volcanic rock from Fuerteventura, art tiles... and last but not least a weird thing I found at the beach, and I have no idea what it is - large, grey, round, at the top just left of center. I think its concrete.

Grouted in dark grey (because that is the colour I had ) and some painted grout lines.