This gallery showcases some of my mosaic pieces, ranging from quite large ones, such as my mosaic Pizza Oven or the mosaic bathroom, which literally took me years to finish, to small ones such as my mosaic stones and pendants, which will fit quite comfortably in the palm of your hand. And any size inbetween. I love making mosaic boxes, mosaic bottles and teapots, mosaic piggy banks - mosaics on items of everyday use which turn them into functional art. I also create mosaic wall art, some glass on glass, to be used as suncatchers or window art, and some classic mixed media mosaics which you would hang on your wall. I seem to have started a goddess series and recently I have become fascinated with combining Tarot and mosaics - which may be a rather unusual combination, but it's one that makes my heart sing!

To enter the various groups in my mosaic gallery, just click on the title. You can then click on individual pieces for additional pictures and more information.