This mosaic measures 60 by 62 cm, it has 8 different grout colours and I lost count of the different kinds of tess - but its mainly different kinds of glass. 

The central Tree / Goddess figure is in different shades of brown, black and gold. Her arms, hair and branches stretch outwards and upwards, holding all the elements of the four seasons. Spring has dancing butterflies, daffodils and small millefiory flowers, while the branches of the tree are blossoming with beads, more mille and delicate green buds. Summer is full of vibrant green swirls, with added beads and even some jade in there. Autumn (Fall) has seven bright red apples and the leaves of the tree slowly turning to bright oranges, reds and yellows. And finally Winter, with icicles and snow covering the naked branches and the ground beneath her feet. Around the edge of the piece I added symbols for the three phases of the moon and the sun.

The face of the Goddess herself is wise and serene. She looks out of the picture calmly, with her feet/roots firmly anchored in the earth, keeping perfect balance, while all around her everything is in constant movement and turmoil of the changing seasons.