I get so many questions about various projects and Mosaic techniques, I decided to include some tutorials with step by step explanations. 

Painting grout lines is a subject that keeps on coming up - you can make a great difference to your finished mosaic with just some subtle changes to the grout colour.

The mosaic stones tutorial is a really good beginners project, one where you can try out different materials and techniques without potentially ruining a huge great mosaic.

The ungrouted mosaic technique is one I get a lot of questions about. Its a bit unusual - some might say unorthadox - but its fun and wild so why not give it a try and see what you think! 

The mosaic chair tutorial is an advanced project, which took me about 6 months to complete, so certainly not a mosaic you can complete in an afternoon. But nevertheless its a very rewarding project if you decide to take the challenge.

Happy Mosaicing!